The Haimhausen Trade and Crafts Association

The Haimhausen Trade and Crafts Association was founded in 1998. It is one of the 540 local branches of the Bund der Selbstständigen (BDS). 

Since 1874 the BDS Bavaria (www.bds-bayern.de) represents the interests of mid-sized companies and self employed workers in Bavaria. With around 20.000 members, organized in 540 local branches, the BDS is the largest cross sector trade association in Bavaria. The BDS bundles, in this unique network, the economic, innovational and creative power of the Bavarian mittelstand and represents their interests on the political and economical level.

Gewerbetreibende HaimhausenWhen addressing the municipal administration, the Haimhausen local branch is the collective voice of the self-employed in town. From the day of its foundation, the Haimhausen Trade and Crafts Association has worked in an environment of trust and mutual respect with the mayor and the municipal council, in order to support a lasting and sustainable development of the town.

It might sound paradox, yet one major decision that was brought on its way (in the mutual interest of the Haimhausen Trade and Crafts Association and the municipal administration) was the lowering of the local business tax. The result was a relief for the existing companies but also the attraction of strong new companies, who lead to more money flowing into the village treasury. This decision greatly contributed to the town’s good budget situation.

With the support of the town, The Haimhausen Trade and Crafts Association represents Haimhausen at the DIVA, the Dachau district trade-fair, since 2009.

The events of The Haimhausen Trade and Crafts Association repeatedly attracted many visitors to come. For the 10 years anniversary of the association, in 2008, a village festival was organized where member companies could present themselves. With almost 1000 people attending, it was a great festival that other clubs, like the male choir and the village musicians, could also contribute to.

On the occasion of the 2010 FIFA championship the first “Lebend-Kicker” tournament took place, where 24 Teams from all around Haimhausen competed with each other. The village musicians won in the end. Due to the great resonance, the event is now being repeated every two years. In 2012 the tournament took place as part of the Haimhausen Schlossbrauerei Festival.

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