Welcome to Haimhausen Trade and Crafts Association.
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Over the past years, Haimhausen has developed into one of the most attractive residential areas around Munich.

The charming landscape, the small town character, the interesting people and the rich choice of cultural and leisure activities, paired with the proximity to Munich’s metropolitan area, attract more and more people each year.

Gewerbetreibende Haimhausen
The Haimhausen Trade and Crafts Association made it their task to present all the enterprises and companies in Haimhausen to the world around them. We try to achieve this goal through a variety of fun events, like the “Lebend-Kicker” tournament which brings together all the sports-clubs, companies and official institutions in town.

We want this website to be a platform, portraying the variety and capacity of the service and trade companies in Haimhausen.

We are looking forward to and hope that all citizens and clubs will use this site frequently.

The Haimhausen Trade and Crafts Association